Prepare for Spring & Summer Beekeeping!

Now is the time to prepare for spring and summer beekeeping! LLC offers several levels of classes to improve your beekeeping skills. 

  • A 20 hr. in depth class to get you off to a great start in beekeeping.  The class is offered starting in January 2020 and meeting once a month till May.
  • An all-day class with classroom and time in the hive for those who have limited time but want to get as much as you can in one day.
  • A three hour class for those who want to see what it’s like inside a beehive.

For more details on classes and schedules CLICK HERE.

We are currently taking orders for spring delivery of nucleus hives.  Order now to insure that you get bees.

To order bees, CLICK HERE.


Christi Baughman


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