Who is the Bee Girl?

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Christi Baughman began beekeeping over 15 years ago. Like many novice beekeepers, she started with just a few hives in her backyard. It wasn't long, however, that Christi recognized her knack for raising healthy bees, and began to grow her hives and business into beegirl.biz.

Having grown up in North Dakota and currently living in Texas, Christi realized she had access to two prime beekeeping locations in the US. North Dakota has the highest honey production in the entire country due to its thousands of acres of blooming crops throughout the summer, while east Texas is home to many winter bees thanks to its temperate climate and abundance of spring pollen. These two locations have led beegirl.biz to become a full-time operation which includes raising nucs and bees, producing North Dakota honey, pollinating almonds in California, and teaching beekeeping classes.

Christi is an active Board Member of the Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association, a North Texas Master Naturalist, a member of North Dakota Beekeepers Association, and a member of Texas Beekeepers Association. 

"Beekeeping is as much a science as it is an art" - Christi Baughman

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Last year was my first year beekeeping, so I bought hives from two different beekeepers. My hives from beegirl.biz have been so much healthier! They have tripled in size, made plenty of honey, and built lots of comb. Moving forward I will only buy bees from beegirl.biz!
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Maria E.

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Christi's bees from beegirl.biz are consistently healthier, more productive, more gentle, and produce more honey than bees I've purchased from other beekeepers. I don't know how she does it, but you only want to buy bees from beegirl.biz!
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James B.
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