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Pick Up Your Nucleus Hives April 29, 2023

2023 Laying Queen

Unmarked (fun to spot!)

Productive Bees

Gentle, ready to work

2-3 Frames of Brood

5 frames total in nuc

Easy Transport

In temporary nuc box

Nucleus Hives

Customers Reviews

Last year was my first year beekeeping, so I bought hives from two different beekeepers. My hives from beegirl.biz have been so much healthier! They have tripled in size, made plenty of honey, and built lots of comb. Moving forward I will only buy bees from beegirl.biz!
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Maria E.

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Christi's bees from beegirl.biz are consistently healthier, more productive, more gentle, and produce more honey than bees I've purchased from other beekeepers. I don't know how she does it, but you only want to buy bees from beegirl.biz!
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James B.
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