Beginning Beekeeping Field Class

In this 3 hour class you’ll learn many beekeeping basics such as:

    • Hands-on experience in live hives
    • Identifying different casts of honey bees
    • Identifying honeybee pests and problems
    • Honey Tasting

This class covers the general knowledge that beekeepers need to know in order to succeed in starting their first hive.

We start with a short informative lecture, then we all suit up to explore inside an active hive. This class gives you hands-on experience with live honeybees. Our instructors all have significant beekeeping backgrounds and will ensure that every student leaves our class with the most rewarding experience possible. Classes are usually held on Saturdays in the afternoon.

Due to COVID-19 all who attend our classes must bring their own protective bee suit or jacket with a veil and gloves.  Also bring your own drinks and snacks

Held at:
1300 Lakeview Pkwy.
Rowlett, TX 75088 

Dates and Times

January 30 1 – 4 pm
February 13 1 – 4 pm
March 13 1 – 4 pm
April 17 1 – 4 pm
May 1 1 – 4 pm


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