Christi Baughman is the beegirl at , which is a small local business specializing in honey, bees, plants and beekeeping in the urban environment, She is a North Texas Master Naturalist, an active member of the Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association of Dallas, TX and an urban beekeeper. She acquired her love of plants, beekeeping and the great outdoors as a result of growing up on a farm in eastern North Dakota. Beekeeping goes back to her farming roots. Since moving to Texas she has re-educated herself in horticulture and honey plants for the Texas climate.

With the heightened interest in local honey, bees and beekeeping, community gardens, sustainable living and urban farming, beekeeping has experienced a resurgence in popularity. Many people start hives and then wish they had someone to coach them in the process of learning beekeeping. Through our classes will help you get started keeping bees and work through beekeeping issues.

 Beekeeping is as much of an art as it is a science. It is the activity of managing colonies of live insects who are dependent on the weather and the forage available for their survival, who are affected by the use of herbicides and pesticides, who have been hit hard by the influx of parasites and diseases from other countries: and yet continue to produce as no other insect, golden sweet healthy honey, beeswax, pollen and pollination of our fruits and vegetables. seeks to promote the art of beekeeping through local beekeeping clubs, by mentoring urban beekeepers and by educating about bees and plants for bee forage.

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